Helping Small Business Take Flight
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Helping Small Business Take Flight

Rough Air Associates is an online community for family business and small business owners. Whether taking advantage of our small business weblog, our podcasts or educational opportunities for small business owners, or as a tenant in one of our Rough Air Small Business Centers, small businesses can turn to Rough Air Associates to help understand the business world around them and keep their business moving forward, even through the rough air.

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The Hardest Thing You’ll Do.

As business owners we have many day-to-day challenges. They vary in difficulty and complexity, but they never cease. We must figure how to raise capital for our businesses, whether it’s through investors, banks or family and friends. We absolutely need to understand how cash flow works in our business if we want to stay afloat. […]

The Pressure No One Understands

A friend of mine recently opened his first business, this is a franchise business, that has started strong. I stopped by his shop the other day and asked how it was going. He told me he had never worked this hard in his life. I could see in his eyes that this someone who now […]

The Problem Employee

I just got off the phone with a business colleague, and he was looking for some advice on how to deal with a “problem employee.” You see, he isn’t really positive the employee is a problem, but he is getting the sense that there may be an issue, that this individual is not fully committed […]

Stop Flying So Low

As an entrepreneur I hear this all time. Vince, you need to rise above the fray and work on the business, rather than in the business. Just today my business partner and I were having this conversation. The problem we have is like many small businesses, we are constantly being pulled down into the day-to-day […]

The Ones That Wear You Down

It is funny how so many people will expect the business owner to know precisely what is going to happen and when. They believe that everything is black and white, a right answer or a wrong answer, there is nothing in between. Too many times I have allowed these types of people to get me […]